Cub Traveller Badge

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Badge requirements

Traveller Cub Interest Badge
Traveller Cub Interest Badge

Do any FIVE of the following:

  1. Obtain a map and timetable from the railway, bus/taxi company or airline serving your town or city and discover some places they go to.
  2. Use timetables to plan a trip from your home to another city or town by train, bus, taxi, aircraft, boat, or a combination of these.
  3. Find out what it costs per kilometre to travel by bus, taxi, train, airline, or boat to another city or town.
  4. List four short trips you would like to take with your parents. Plan and lay out the trips on a road map. Using the map, act as navigator on one of these trips of at least 40km.
  5. Pack a suitable travel bag for a three-day trip away from home.
  6. Check the first aid kit in the family car and ask your parents to add anything which is missing.

(Note: A letter must be produced from the driver for No. 4)

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