Cub and Scout Recruiter Badge

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Recruiter - silver

  • A Cub or Scout must recruit one new member for the Meerkat Den, Cub Pack or Scout Troop.

Recruiter - gold

  • A Cub or Scout must recruit five new members for the Meerkat Den, Cub Pack and/or Scout Troop. The five members can be recruited for any one or all of the three branches e.g. A Cub or Scout could introduce two Meerkat recruits, two Cub recruits and one Scout recruit to the Den, Pack and Troop respectively.


For both the Silver and Gold Recruiter badges, the new member must be invested into the Den/Pack/Troop before the Recruiter badge(s) can be awarded.

The Recruiter Badge may be worn until the end of the subsequent calendar year in which it was earned, at which time it must be removed - unless the Cub or Scout has recruited another new member to the Den, Pack or Troop during the year.

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