Cub flag break

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Flag break takes place in the opening parade after the grand howl.

The procedure is simple but dignified.

  • The prepared flag is positioned at the top of the flagpole ready for breaking. The loose ends of the halyard are wound around the cleat, with the length to be pulled (ready for breaking) slightly looser than the other.

Flag break

  • Akela calls
    • "Pack Alert!" and the pack comes to Alert then
    • "Face the flag!" - all cubs turn so they can see the flag,
    • "Duty Six!" the Cub concerned marches smartly to the flagpole, halts, and immediately pulls the loose section of the halyard to break the flag.
  • After they break the flag, the Duty Sixer (or other Cub) takes one step back,
  • Akela calls “PACK (pause), PACK Salute” - the cubs salute the flag and drop their hands back to the "Alert” position.
  • The Duty Sixer (or other Cub) does an about-turn and smartly marches back to their place.

NOTE: The loose part of the halyard is tied around the cleat AFTER the Duty Sixer (or other Cub) has returned to their position, i.e. the Sixer and Pack should not be expected to wait while the halyard is secured.