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Badge requirements

  1. Define the following:
    1. a point
    2. a line
    3. a straight line
    4. parallel lines
    5. a horizontal line
    6. a vertical line
    7. an oblique line
    8. a right angle
    9. an obtuse angle
    10. an acute angle
  2. Show that you have a knowledge of the following drawing instruments:
    1. A drawing board
    2. A T-square
    3. A set square
    4. Compasses
    5. Dividers
    6. Scales
  3. Draw the following views of a box 1 metre wide by 0,5 metres high by 2 metres long, using a convenient scale:
    1. Isometric
    2. Oblique
    3. Pictorial
    4. Development
  4. Draw projections and the development of a truncated cylinder.
  5. Demonstrate the difference between "third angle projection" and "first angle projection".
  6. Draw a single line plan of a dwelling house to scale. Include in your house 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, a family room, 1 bathroom, and a single garage, the roof to be of the mono pitch design. Project the front and side elevations and draw a section. Drawing to be done in pencil. The plan must be neatly and correctly dimensioned and labelled.
    Do the same task mentioned above on CAD. Print out and present your work to the examiner.

Requirements in PDF

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