Electrician Scout Interest Badge

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Badge requirements

  1. Lists the common causes of electrical accidents and the safety precautions necessary to guard against the possibility of their occurring in the home.
  2. Understand the terms voltage, amperage, resistance, and the units they are measured in. Explain what AC & DC currents are.
  3. Demonstrate that you know the international colour code for three- core flex by connecting, a flex to a three-point plug. Show an understanding of how earthing works
  4. Correctly join and tape two pieces of insulated wire.

    Complete either part 5 or 6:
  5. Domestic electrician
    1. Conduct an experiment showing the law of electrical attraction and repulsion.
      Make and operate a simple electro-magnet.
    2. Correctly replace defective lamp holders, fuses, plugs and electrical wire; demonstrate the uses of flexes and simple tools such as cutters, pliers, and screw drivers. Explain why a fuse blows or a trip switch is activated.
    3. Take a standard length of PVC conduit and put 2 x 90-degree bends 400 mm from each end. Fit 2 standard boxes onto each end and wire up for a simple light fitting with a 1 lever switch.
  6. Auto electrician
    1. Be able to read a schematic wiring diagram of a car and demonstrate how to track an indicator wire back to the fuse box.
    2. Demonstrate how to charge a car battery correctly taking the necessary precautions. Demonstrate how you would know when the battery is fully charged.
    3. Demonstrate how to find a simple electrical fault in the ignition system of a car.

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