Equestrian Scout Interest Badge

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(Previously Horseman Interest Badge)

Badge requirements

  1. Name the fifteen main points of a horse.
  2. Name four leading breeds of horses. Explain what each is noted for and be able to recognise pictures of them.
  3. Describe to the examiner what is meant by the following colours as applied to horses:
    1. Black
    2. Brown
    3. Bay
    4. Dun
    5. Roan
    6. Strawberry roan
    7. Piebald
    8. Skewbald
  4. Show how to groom, pick out feet and care for a horse after riding.
  5. Demonstrate the following:
    1. Mount
    2. Jump an ordinary fence
    3. Walk the horse in a straight line for 30 m
    4. Make a half circle not over 5 m
    5. Trot in a straight line over 30 m
    6. Change direction. Change leads or come down to a walk, reverse and take up canter on a proper lead
    7. Halt straight
    8. Back up straight 4 paces
    9. Halt and dismount
  6. Describe the symptoms of colic and show a knowledge of its correct treatment.
  7. Name three main defects of the feet and legs and explain how to detect them.
  8. Name the vaccinations required for a horse and discuss with the examiner the advantages and disadvantages of various deworming and vaccinations programmes.
  9. Demonstrate how to dress a saddle and how to repair traces and stirrup leathers:
    1. Name the various parts of a harness
    2. Describe the different kinds of leather used in saddlery

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