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(Previously Fisherman Scout Interest Badge)

Badge requirements

  1. Show that you have a sound knowledge of the fishing regulations applicable to the type of fishing and the part of the country where you wish to be examined.
  2. Make a list of fishing equipment needed for, and demonstrate that you have a practical knowledge of, either surf, boat, or fresh water (river or dam) fishing.
  3. Make a fishing rod using a rod, stock, butt, eyes, and binding, and also two tracers with one hook (wire and nylon), then demonstrate your ability to cast with it.
  4. Demonstrate that you have general knowledge of the fishing waters within twenty five kilometres of your Scout headquarters.
  5. Demonstrate that you maintain your fishing tackle in sound condition.
  6. Present evidence that you have caught, prepared, and cooked fish sufficient for yourself and two people.
  7. Keep a satisfactory log of your angling experience with details of weather, catch, baits and weights of fish caught, covering not less than 12 excursions, and show this to the examiner.
  8. Write a short account of wet and dry fly fishing; or of the varieties of bait and their use in the course of fishing.
  9. List the safety rules applicable to fishing.
  10. Name four different artificial lures and list their uses.
  11. Tie the following knots in nylon filament (fishing line), and demonstrate their uses:
    1. Blood knot
    2. Fisherman's knot
    3. Fisherman's surgeon knot

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