Flag raiders (game)

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Game infobox
Outdoor/Wide game
Day / Evening
Noisy & energetic
Duration: 30 min
Equipment: 6 flags

This game is for two patrols, each with a territory to defend and raiders enter at their peril. The defending scouts can move freely and catch any raiders in their territory.


  • Locate and capture the other patrol's flag,
  • Bring the the opposition flag to home territory without being captured,
  • Defend your patrol flag,
  • Rescue captured raiders.

The game

Setting up: The Patrol leader has 3 minutes to set up:

  • Three patrol flags (about 200 metres from the starting point). and at least 20 metres apart. The flags may be inconspicuous but must be visible.
  • An outpost (fort) - not closer than 20 metres from the patrol flag.

... And the game begins!

The attackers send out Scouts to discover (1) where the flags, (2) and the outpost is placed. They then try and reach the flags and carry them off without being captured by the defenders. A Scout may only take away one flag.

Capturing raiders: The defending patrol may not come within the 20 metres of their own flags unless capturing a raider. To capture a raider in your territory you must have at least two Scouts to catch the raider, and call out "hands-up". The captured raider is held in the "outpost" - a tree or rock.

Freeing captured raiders: A captured raider is freed by a friend touching the prisoner (the prisoner must be touching the outpost with a hand or foot). Rescuers and freed prisoners can be caught by the defenders and returned to the outpost. A rescuer can rescue only one prisoner at a time.

To successfully capture the flag: The defender flag must be carried to home territory. If a raider is caught in defender territory, the flag is set up at the point where it was rescued. If neither side captures a flag within say 30 minutes the game is won by the team with the most prisoners.


  • At night - lanterns can be used for flags.
  • Hidden Flag - Allow each patrol to hide their flag. Before the game a scout from each team is shown where the flag is and must accurately describe to the patrol where the flag is. This requires that the scout be very observant.
  • Jail Break - If the game begins to stall, the scouters can yell "Jail Break." All players in jail are free to escape.


  • The importance of a game-plan (strategy),
  • Roles (defenders/guards/raiders) within the patrol and flexibility when the situation changes,
  • Dealing with multiple objectives (defending/raiding/rescuing).

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