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Badge requirements

  1. Make a collection of 20 different geological specimens stored in boxes suitably labelled and cross referenced to a field notebook in which the following are recorded:
    1. Specimen identification.
    2. Exact locality.
    3. Date of collection.
  2. Explain the difference between a rock, a mineral and a crystal and name common example of each found in South Africa.
  3. Explain the difference between sedimentary, igneous & metamorphic rocks and be able to relate how each are formed. Discuss any factors influencing these formations. Name three different rocks from each category.
  4. Have a reasonable knowledge of the geological history South Africa (Super Groups and ages) and discuss the economic importance and location of the most mineral rich areas in South Africa.
  5. Have a knowledge of the following and be able to demonstrate in a practical way an ability to read a geological map and from the map draw cross-sections of the following:
    1. Normal Fault
    2. Reverse Fault
    3. Wrench Fault
    4. Unconformity
    5. Anticline and Syncline
    6. Folding.
  6. Demonstrate a reasonable knowledge of tectonic plate movements and the effect of this on the geology of the continents. The discussion should include transform, divergent and convergent boundaries.
  7. Undertake a walk in the field, of at least one kilometre with the examiner and point out geological features explaining what they are.

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