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There are many ways to grow a seed in a way that you can see how it grows. Types of seeds to grow this way are: a pea, a bean, a mealie or a bulb.

You can put a bean between two pieces of wet cotton wool, and watch it grow. Remember to keep it moist.

How to Grow Beans in a Ziplock Bag

Things you'll need: paper towels, ziplock bags and dried beans (any kind is fine).


  • Saturate a paper towel with water.
  • Place the moist towel in your Ziploc bag.
  • Put a few beans between the towel and the bag.
  • Set the bag on a sunny windowsill. The beans should form roots and shoots within a few days.
  • Transplant your beans into a flower pot after about a week.

From the Pack Scouter's Workbook