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The Hawkeye Trophy is the main annual Rover Competition in the Western Cape.

Each year the format of the competition changes and it can be anything from hikes between activity bases, car rallies, service projects, basic Scouting skills tests, quiz nights, scavenger hunts, cook-offs, or more. Traditionally, the winners of the Hawkeye Trophy are responsible for organising the next year's competition.

The History of Hawkeye Trophy

Rovers were established in 1918 in England and in 1919 one of the first Rover Crews in England, held a work party on the newly acquired Gilwell Park development, staying overnight in pouring rain in the 'Pigsty' shed as they called it, and which still bears that name today.

In the same year 1919, the idea of Rover Scouting was discussed in South African, but being under the control of Imperial Headquarter in London, Crews only really started up when the final rules to Rovering reached this country, and then only on the decision of the individual Scoutmasters.

Rovers in South Africa got off to a rather slow start and it was only in 1927 that the official constitution for Rover Scouts was published, and a Rover register and Rover Membership Cards were initiated.

The 1930 records reveal that these were the golden years of Rovering with a membership of two hundred in the Western Cape and that the Rovers competed for an annual Rover Efficiency Shield. During the war years it was reported that 81 Rovers were on Active Service and that no further Rover Shield Competitions took place. The original Trophy somehow disappeared without trace during this time and Rover Competitions never quite took off again.

However, 91 years later in 2021 Sarah, who is a Stellenbosch Scout, discovered the old Rover Trophy and with the help of the Heritage Team the mystery was solved.

It was only years later in 1948 that the Rover Crews once again gathered in Green Point to compete for a new trophy introduced, being won by 3rd Green and Sea Point or 3rd GASP in the end.

This new competition and Trophy derived its name from the then Divisional Commissioner Dr Frederick H Dommisse or 'Hawkeye' as he was called in Scouting.

Thus the Rover Hawkeye Competition has since become the main Rover Competition for Western Cape Rover Crews each year. The format of the competition has come a long way since it's inception in 1948 and changes from year to year, according to the ideas of the organisers (these are normally the current winners of the previous year).

These formats can be anything from base hikes, car rallies, service projects, basic Scouting, a quiz, a cook-out at a set venue or a whole combination of events.

On a rather sad note is that prior to the 1963 Hawkeye competition, burglars totally destroyed the original trophy, but a replica was ready for the 1963 competition and is still being used today.

Hawkeye Trophy Winners

Year Winners Photo
2023 6th Rondebosch Rovers
2022 6th Rondebosch Rovers
2021 Iron Wood Rovers
2020 (Not held)
2019 Table Bay Rovers
2018 Ironwood (Two Oceans District)
2016 Table Bay Rovers
2015 1st Bothasig & Kanonkop District
2014 Impeesa District
2013 Sandvlei Sea Eagles
2012 Sandvlei Sea Eagles
2011 1st Table View
2010 1st Claremont
2009 1st Bothasig
2008 1st Bothasig
2007 (Not held)
2006 Sandvlei Sea Eagles
2005 1st Claremont
2004 Scottsville
2003 Two Oceans
2002 Scottsville
2001 Sandrift
2000 Two Oceans
1999 St Mary Magdalene
1998 1st Sandrift
1997 1st Steenberg
1996 (Not held)
1995 1st Mary Magdalene
1994 1st Sandrift
1993 1st Factreton & 1st Sandrift
1992 1st Factreton
1991 Monte Vista
1990 Trafalgar
1989 Monte Vista
1988 Monte Vista
1987 Monte Vista
1986 Monte Vista
1985 Monte Vista
1984 Monte Vista
1983 Monte Vista
1982 Table Bay CW 12
1981 (Not held)
1980 Rondebosch District
1979 12th Green and Sea Point
1978 Table Bay CW 12
1977 Table Bay CW 12
1976 Table Bay CW 12
1975 1st Claremont
1974 CW 20
1973 CW 20
1972 Cape Town
1971 Rondebosch District
1970 Rondebosch District
1969 Rondebosch District
1968 Rondebosch District
1967 2nd Green and Sea Point
1966 2nd Green and Sea Point
1965 2nd Green and Sea Point
1964 7th Green and Sea Point
1963 1st Claremont
1962 UCT Residence
1961 2nd-6th Green and Sea Point
1960 3rd Green and Sea Point
1959 10th Green and Sea Point
1958 1st Claremont
1957 7th Green and Sea Point
1956 7th Green and Sea Point
1955 3rd Wynberg
1954 2nd Green and Sea Point
1953 1st Claremont
1952 2nd Green and Sea Point
1951 7th Green and Sea Point
1950 7th Green and Sea Point
1949 2nd & 3rd Green and Sea Point
1948 3rd Green and Sea Point

Rovers Competition Shield Winners

1926 1st Stellenbosch
1927 2nd Green and Sea Point
1928 1st Claremont
1930 4th Rondebosch
1931 4th Rondebosch
1932 4th Rondebosch
1935 4th Rondebosch