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Silver Wolf Awareness Challenge - Healthy Eating

"Know and understand the importance of good eating habits." - Requirement 2 of the Cub Awareness Challenge - Healthy Living under the Silver Wolf advancement badge

Why do we eat different types of food?

People choose lots of different types of food to eat. The food they choose depends on:

  • the food available in their part of the world
  • the time of year
  • what foods they can afford
  • their culture
  • their religion
  • their likes and dislikes
  • how much time they have to prepare their food
  • whether they can cook
  • what facilities they have for cooking

People eat different foods depending on their culture. Your culture includes which foods are commonly eaten. This is different in different countries and groups.

People also eat different things depending on their religion. Your religion might have rules about which foods can or cannot be eaten, or special types of foods that are served at celebrations. What examples do you know?

A healthy diet

Key Fact 1

Around the world people choose and combine different foods to make meals and snacks. The total amount and range of foods eaten is called the diet.

Key Fact 2

A healthy diet is made up from a variety and balance of different foods and drinks.

Key Fact 3

To be active and healthy, food is needed to provide energy for the body.

Key Fact 4

A variety of food is needed in the diet because different foods contain different substances that are needed for health. These are nutrients, water and fibre.

Key Fact 5

Being active and looking after yourself are important for health.