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Badge requirements

  1. Explain to the examiner what UNESCO defines as heritage, give examples of different heritage types.
  2. Provide evidence of your visit to at least TWO of the following sites that have been declared a:
    1. World heritage site.
    2. National heritage site.
    3. Provincial heritage site.
  3. Explain to the examiner why the sites visited have the status of heritage sites
  4. Explain to the examiner why it is important to protect heritage and what would happen to heritage sites and heritage items if there were no laws in place to protect them.
  5. Learn the history and heritage of Scouting in South Africa and your Scout Troop. Then retell the history to your examiner explaining why your Troop has a different heritage to other Scout Troops in your Area.
  6. Contact an old member of your Troop and talk to them about their time with the Troop.
  7. Do the following
    1. Explore the cultural heritage of two non-family members (where their family come from, language(s) they speak, cultural background, and the way they interact with their culture).
    2. Ask them to bring a cultural heritage item to a Scout meeting and discuss with your patrol the significance of their heritage item.
    3. Report back to the examiner:
      1. What you have learnt about their different cultural heritage.
      2. How you can best protect your cultural heritage.
  8. Explain to the examiner why it is important for South Africans to acknowledge each other's cultural heritage and celebrate it on Heritage Day.

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