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Parts of a pocket knife
Parts of a pocket knife

Parts of a pocket knife

  • Thumbnail slot - Also called a nail nick and is used to open the blade. In modern knives this might be replaced by a stud
  • Choil - the ground part of the blade before the shoulder tang, in some pocket knives this may be serrated as a non-slip thumb rest.
  • Shoulder tang
  • Case - Serves as the handle of a pocket knife.
  • Kick - The unsharpened part of the blade just before the handle, also known as a ricasso.
  • Edge - The cutting edge of the knife blade extending from the tip to the kick.
  • Blade - The thin flat part of the knife that is sharpened to produce the cutting edge of the knife.

Care of a knife

  • Keep a pocket knife clean and sharp.
    A blunt knife requires more force to cut and this makes it dangerous.
  • Clean the blade before closing a pocket knife.
    Although scouts don't advocate the use of sheath knives - you should know not to put a dirty knife back into the sheath.
  • The hinge and the spring-lock of the blade need to be oiled for easy movement.
  • If a knife has been exposed to salt water and beach sand, be sure to rinse properly with fresh water as salt will make a stainless steel blade rust.

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