Meerkat Eco-Warrior Badge

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Badge requirements

Eco-Warrior Meerkat Interest Badge

Do TWO of the following:

  1. Plants
    • Be able to identify the leaf, stem, flower and roots of a plant:
    • Know what a plant needs to survive.
    • What do we call an animal that only eats plants? Name three.
  2. Birds and animals
    • Observe a bird or an animal that comes into your garden, local park or a nearby nature area.
    • Tell other Meerkats what you have observed about:
      • What it looks like
      • Where you see it (sky/in a tree/on the ground)
      • What actions it performs (flying/hoping/scratching in soil/singing/feeding/etc)
      • If you observed it interacting with any other living creature.
  3. Wild animals
    • Find out about a wild animal that you like. It could be one from South Africa or not, and it could be alive or extinct.
    • Tell your Burrow about your animal:
      • What the animal looks like with a picture you found or drew
      • How big it is (smaller than me/ bigger than a car, etc),
      • Where and when it lives,
      • What it eats and anything that you find interesting about it.