Meerkat Gold Star

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The Gold Star is the final Advancement Badge that a Meerkat can earn, after completing their Silver Star Badge.


  1. Earn the Silver Star.
  2. In addition to the ten challenge badges earned to get the Silver Star, earn another 6 challenge badges, one from each theme.
  3. Earn three additional interest badges.
  4. Earn the Standing Tall badge.
  5. Attend two additional, different outings, one of which must be with your Den.
  6. Teach a new Meerkat the Meerkat Prayer.
  7. Help a new Meerkat to live by the Meerkat Promise.
  8. Different Branches - Know about the different branches in scouting and have visited the Pack.


The Den Scouter applies for the Gold Star on the Meerkat Gold Star Application Form available on the Meerkats section of the SCOUTS South Africa website. The badge can be purchased and a certificate is issued, to be presented before the Meerkat Burrows up to Cubs.