Meerkat Keep Fit Badge

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Badge requirements

Keep Fit Meerkat Challenge Badge
Keep Fit Meerkat Challenge Badge

Do EIGHT of the following:

  1. Demonstrate how to ride a bike with or without stabilisers and show what safety equipment you should wear.
  2. Skip like a lamb, gallop like a horse and hop like a rabbit.
  3. Balance on a beam about 10cms above the ground.
  4. Run as fast as you can.
  5. Do 3 – 5 somersaults.
  6. Do 5 sit-ups.
  7. Hop on one leg five times, change legs and hop on the other leg five times.
  8. Bounce a big ball five times; bounce a small ball five times.
  9. Throw and catch a beanbag/ball three out of five times (crossing the middle line).
  10. Do the monkey bars or hang from a branch or climb on a jungle gym.
  11. Walk on your heels for 10 metres and then on your toes for 10 metres.


The Keep Fit Badge is part of the Body and Mind theme.