Meerkat closing ceremony

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The Den forms up as for the Opening Ceremony.

The Closing Ceremony consists of the Song, Prayer, Promise and Dismiss.

Den Scouter: Meerkats Stand Tall

Den Scouter may designate a Meerkat to lead the Prayer.

Den Scouter: Close our eyes and pray

Help us to be kind. Help us to be good.
Help us to STAND TALL, and do the things we should.

Den Scouter: Meerkats, what will you try to do until we meet again?

Meerkats: Keep our Promise

Den Scouter: Meerkats, what is our Promise?

Meerkats: I will love my God, be kind and Stand Tall

Den Scouter: Meerkats, dismissed

Everyone turns right and stamps a foot.