Meerkat investiture ceremony

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  • The totem is placed in the centre of the circle of Meerkats. Five footprints are placed around the totem. They may contain the wording: “Personal Info”, “Law”, “Promise”, “Motto”, “Uniform”.
  • The Den Scouter (DS) will have the Meerkat shirt and hat ready for the ceremony, and the Welcome Certificate “You are now a Meerkat” - if given.
  • Prior to the investiture ceremony, the Pup confirms that they know their Membership Badge requirements, by providing the DS with their details - “Full Name”, “Mom’s and/or Dad’s full names”, “Your Birthday”, “Your Address” and “Mom’s or Dad’s phone number”, so they can be entered into the Den register.
  • The Pup steps on each paw in turn, confirms that they know all their personal info, and affirms Promise, Law, Motto.
  • When the Pup has filled the requirements, on their last footprint, they are handed their Meerkat hat and Meerkat shirt, if worn, to put on (over their existing shirt). The Pup is then presented with their World Membership badge, SCOUTS South Africa ribbon, Annual badge and Burrow badge by the Den Scouter. The Assistant Den Scouter (ADS) may present the Annual and Burrow badges. The Group Scarf and Group nametape are then presented by the SGL if the Den is part of an existing Group, or by the DS if it is a stand-alone Den or a Den at an ECD centre.
  • The DS says “Now you are a real Meerkat, what will you do?” to which the new Meerkat says “I will love my God, be kind and Stand Tall”. The Meerkat can then be handed the Welcome Certificate - if given.