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Badge requirements

  1. Demonstrate to the examiner that you have developed your natural gift for music over a period of at least a year by:
    1. Performing on an instrument or singing unaccompanied a piece of music of your own choice.
    2. Discussing how you became interested in music and.
    3. Describing what measures, you have taken to develop your talent.
  2. Complete a. or b.
    1. Describe to the examiner all the component parts of the instrument of your choice, indicating what each part contributes to the whole musical effect and how to care for it.
    2. If the candidate is a singer, describe the various anatomical features of the body that are used in singing and the contribution that each makes to the overall tonal effect of the voice.
  3. Be familiar with staff or sol-fa notation and understand the significance of key signatures, chromatic scales, and the symbols (such as rests, repeats, volume, and trills) used for denoting scores.
  4. Talk intelligently for about ten minutes on two of the following topics:
    1. European musical development since the Renaissance.
    2. African, Indian, or Chinese music.
    3. The origins of jazz.
    4. Current trends of music.
    5. Synthetic music.
    6. Military bands.
    7. Chamber music.
    8. Church music.
    9. At least 6 musical instruments.
    10. The grand organ.
    11. The history of the bagpipes and the development of the pipe music.
    12. Choir music.
  5. Name five composers or performers of note in any era. Discuss the musical style of each and the impact of their music on society.

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