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Patrol Meetings, also called Patrol-in-Council or Patrol Council Meetings, is a meeting between the Patrol Leader and the patrol. Patrol meetings may be held at any time and place, but not too often. Many Patrols set aside a portion of some Troop meetings for its Patrol to sit together and talk. Others encourage Patrols to meet on a different evening, possibly at the home of a Patrol member.

What is discussed?

  1. Programme - troop and patrol (camps, meetings, etc.)
  2. Policy (the way things are done)
  3. Problems
  4. Decisions requested by the Court of Honour
  5. Requests/suggestions made by the Court of Honour
  6. Badge advancement within the Patrol
  7. Notices (of coming events)
  8. New Scouts
  9. Planning future events & activities

Running the meeting

Meetings should be well planned and businesslike. Assistant Patrol Leaders bring the meeting to order and the PL reports on the issues discussed at the Court of Honour.

  1. Decisions reached at these meetings should be brought to the attention of the Troop Scouter, whose responsibility it is, together with Assistants and PL's to make up a suitable programme. Plan and lead some patrol meeting and activities.
  2. Keep your patrol members informed.
  3. Give each member some specific task whenever possible.
  4. Represent your patrol at Court of Honour.
  5. Prepare the patrol to participate in all Troop activities.
  6. Work with other Leaders to make your troop run well.
  7. Know the abilities of each of your members.
  8. Set a good example.
  9. Wear the Scout Uniform correctly.
  10. Be guided by the Scout Promise & Law.