Pedestrian rules for Road Safety

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Silver Wolf - Aptitude Challenge - Road Safety

Show that you know the basic rules of the road as a pedestrian.

BASIC RULES for pedestrian road safety are:


  • Don't play in the street. If you don't have a garden or other safe place in which to play, use a park or open area that is away from traffic.
  • Always walk on the pavement or footpath.
  • Where there is no pavement, walk on the right side of the road, facing the traffic coming towards you. Watch out for cars.
  • Before crossing the road, stop, look right, look left, and look right again. When the road is quite clear, walk across.
  • Cubs know they should use the special road crossings provided, like traffic lights, zebra crossing, or scholar patrol, because these are the safest places to cross the road.
  • Never stop to stare at an accident or breakdown.

From the Pack Scouter's Working Kit, available from the Scout Shop