Pitching a tent

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There are many different types of tents, A-type tents, dome tents and so on. The method of pitching and striking a tent described here applies to an A-type tent. With other tents there may be some variation.

  • First pick your tent site and then clear away hard bumps of grass and stones. They can be hard when you sleep on them!
  • Unpack the tent, pegs and poles. Put the tent bag in a safe place. Assemble the poles.

  • Open up the tent and undo the guy lines. Spread the tent out and site it so that the door is facing the direction you want. See that the door flaps are tied securely or zipped up.
  • Peg down the four corners at right angles. Place pegs in the ground for the front and rear tent pole guys. If the tent has two guys per pole, drive in two pegs the same distance and angle from where the pole will be.
  • Raise the tent poles. Attach the tent pole guys to the pegs.

  • If the tent has walls with guy lines down the side, attach them to pegs in a straight line down each side of the tent. Except for the corners, the guys should be at right-angles to the sides of the tent. Adjust the guy lines so that the tent is square, without creases in the fabric and without strain on any part of it.

Striking a tent

When you are ready to leave, strike the tent with care.

  • Take out the side pegs and coil the guy lines neatly. Tie the guys with half hitches to prevent them becoming tangled. See that the door is closed.
  • Loosen the tent pole guy lines and gently remove the tent poles. The tent will collapse. Take out all the pegs and stretch the tent out on its side.
  • Brush off all dirt, grass, leaves and twigs.
  • Pull out the door and fold it over before folding the tent. Roll the tent so that it fits into the tent bag. Clean the pegs and put them into the tent bag together with the tent poles.
  • If it is necessary to pack the tent when wet, make sure you unpack it and dry it out before you store it away.