PowWow: 1995 Report

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Cub Pow Wow 1995


28 to 30 April - Uthongathi School in Durban

Report by Janet Levy
Ack: The Natal Trail June 1995

After more than a year of planning, the weekend arrived sunny and full of promise.

Some essential sewing wasn't done - Lorna brought her sewing machine! Pin, cut and sew - Madge Hough's farewell this evening, Diane and Janet would like to go. We, we were there in thought. Rita worried that the stock she had bought for the shop would not sell, and Carol, that the kitchen had enough cups and saucers. Would the balloon lady find the place, or would we have to improvise the decorations? Tables for the bases, and buses for the outings?

The full delegation
The Cape Western delegates

Uthongathi School, a beautiful setting, soon filled up with Scouters from all over S.A. Where is the Transvaal contingent? - Train delayed. go back and fetch them!

How exciting to see all the other Areas (Provinces) represented by 150 Scouters or thereabouts.

Discussion groups (some topics suggested and others ad hoc). Quite heated at times, especially Girl Scouts. Campfire with ashes of previous ones, outings to Dolphinarium and a sea trip, free time in "town" for those who wanted to, and the day ended with a splendid Mayoral Reception. Photographs and general chat with others from all walks of life.

On Saturday Amanda arrived in the rain. Bases first Willow did us proud with different and interesting new ideas to try. Back to "work" in the afternoon with the National Commissioner.

Finally The Banquet (white with black. of course), balloons with dolphins on, table decor to match, and entertainment fit for kings - what a really splendid jelly-fish!

Well done, and thank you to all who worked and all who came to Pow-Wow 1995. KwaZulu Natal.

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