Presentation of the Leaping Wolf Badge

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The Leaping Wolf Badge is the top award that a cub can earn and The Leaping Wolf badge should be presented to the Cub as soon as they have gained it If the Cub has no objection, their parents should be invited to attend the ceremony.

Notes: The Leaping Wold badge is a notable Cub ceremony and should be presented at an awards ceremony.

  • Even if the Cub only gains the badge just before Going-Up, it should be presented at dedicated Pack ceremony apart from the Troop.
    • This presentation is NOT part of the Going-Up Ceremony.
  • The Leaping Wolf badge is always presented by Akela, (not the SGL, or DC).

The Leaping Wolf Presentation ceremony

  • Akela has the Leaping Wolf badge handy, complete with safety pin to fix it to the Cub's shirt.
  • The Pack is formed in a Parade Circle at the “Alert”.
  • Akela takes a step into the Circle.
    • Akela calls out the Cub to stand in front of them.
  • Introduction to the award:
    • Akela briefly explains to the Pack the significance of the Leaping Wolf badge, stressing that it is the only Cub badge that a Cub wears for the full duration of their career as a Scout. The badge is presented with a special word of praise. Mention is also made of the hard work and effort involved in qualifying for the Leaping Wolf badge. The rest of the Pack should be inspired to do likewise.
  • Reaffirm the Cub Promise
AKELA: “(The Cub’s name), are you willing to reaffirm your Promise?”
AKELA: "PACK (pause), PACK SALUTE". The Pack salutes.
The Leaping Wolf repeats the Promise after Akela line by line:
"I promise to do my best ...
To do my duty to God (pause) and my Country...
To keep the Law of the Wolf Cub Pack...
And to do a good turn to somebody every day."

  • When they have completed the Promise, Akela pins on the badge, shakes their hand and congratulates the Cub.
  • Akela then orders the Cub to return to their place in the Circle. When they have resumed their place, the Pack gives the Grand Howl, led by the Leaping Wolf Cub.
  • The Pack is then dismissed.

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