Rayner Trophy 1985 Report

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Route: Out and back hikes from Tweede Tol in Bainskloof

The 1985 Rayner Trophy was held in the mountainous terrain surrounding Andrew Geddes Bairns Pass.

Twenty-one teams rendezvoused at Eerste Tol at the top of the pass and proceeded to Tweede Tol where they hiked up Wolwekloof to the summit-ridge. To the South, Table Mountain was visible through a haze and to the North, Voelvlei. During the hike, teams were tested with a number of activities such as Deadman's crawl, ground to air signals, the erection of a skylon aerial, a clinometer for gauging the height of Bailey's Peak. An aerospace theme was maintained throughout the Rayner.

Teams camped at Skelmkamp where the start of the night stunts were signalled by a Morse message. The night stunts included a bomb disposal exercise, transport of an acid, the recovery of fuel rods from a reactor and a computer. John Mutti and Charles Bates had excelled by equipping a Kombi with batteries, electronic gear and three computers. Two computers were available to teams to solve a puzzle of determining within ten attempts a four-digit number selected at random by the computer. The third computer was used for generating score sheets, with team positions and percentages.

Spare time activities on Saturday included designing a Scout Hall for the year 2000, an international quiz, a plaque to be interpreted by another culture in space, a limerick celebrating the Rayner, solving a cipher, and building a battery with a lemon and knowledge of the electrochemical scale.

Sunday started with a clean-up of the rock pools, by "retrieving artifacts left by an alien culture", and changing a depressurized moon bugging wheel. Sunday's S.T.A's included a wind or water generator using a bicycle dynamo, designing a uniform for the year 2000, solving a crossword puzzle and constructing a model hang glider.

Sunday's hike took.us to Klein-bobbejaanrivier where teams warmed their frankfurters on a parabolic solar cooker, relaxing next to a beautiful natural swimming pool. En route to the pool, teams encountered tests on the Heimlich manoeuvre, the ¾ prone position, sprained ankle, the brewing of a good cup of tea, and abseiling down rock faces under the guidance of mountain club members.

Judges mark sheets were run back to the computer Kombi by assistants, Michael Lesley and Richard Eastman and during the final hour, our recorder Impie and assistant Charles spent their time muttering, resolving mark sheet queries, muttering, and questioning the competence of certain judges. At the final assembly, Chief Scout, Colin Inglis presented the Rayner Trophy to 1st Pinelands team under patrol leader Billy Feast. Well done 1st Pinelands! Second position went to 3rd Claremont and third to 1st Constantia. Congratulations.

Thanks to the assistant Chief Judge, Toffee Thompson for his help and guidance during the preparations and to judges Colin Inglis, Richard Goldschmidt, Kevin Wall, Errol Kotze, John Mutti, Dave Page, Brian Figaji, Paddy Milner, Jerry Wilding, Albert Snyman, Aubrey Wilkinson, recorder Impie Bryant, assistant recorder and computer fundi Charles Bates, Chris Goldschmidt who cooked and fed the judges and to Richard Leslie and Michael Eastman who give invaluable assistance in moving equipment and marksheets, fast!

In conclusion, we can be proud not only of the skill of our teams but also of the commendation of the local forester, Mr Willie Nel who congratulated us on the cleanliness of our hiking trail and campsite and standard of behaviour witnessed by him and reported to him by the public.

1st 1st Pinelands 327
2nd 3rd Claremont 283
3rd 1st Constantia 281
4th 1st Camps Bay 277
5th 1st Monte Vista "A" 271
6th 1st Parow 262
7th 1st Monte Vista "B" 253
8th 2nd Rondebosch 252
9th 1st Somerset West 251
10th 2nd Parow 249
11th 1st Wynberg & Plumstead 248
12th 4th Claremont 243
2nd P1umstead 243

Chief Judge: Mike Sage