Rayner Trophy 1986 Report

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Winners - 1st Pinelands

Route: Yzerfontein to Silwerstroom Beach

Unfortunately, the heritage archives do not appear to have a report on the 1986 competition, however it was repeated in 1995 and the format for both years would be very similar. Although this redacted report is from 1995, the photos are from 1986 event. Ed.

"It was decided to use the theme based on the book " The Skeleton Coast" which describes the rescue of the survivors of the "Dunedin Star" which went aground on the Namibian coast.

This theme had previously been used in 1986 and John Mütti the Chief Judge for that competition was called in to assist to put this competition together in the short time available.

The first half of the competition was based on the rescue party getting to the survivors and the teams had to perform such tasks as fixing punctures, turning Land Rovers around in the sand, compass trails, getting over obstacles, splicing etc.

The second half was based on the survivors making their way out of the desert and covered such items as making bully beef hash to changing a nappy, solving codes, performing a rescue from the surf and distilling sea water. The competition proved to be enjoyable to the teams and judges."

1986 Chief Judge: John Mütti