Rayner Trophy 1992 Report

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Nuweberg Forestry Area

Winners - 2nd Kenridge

The outcome of the Rayner this year was disappointing to me due to the effects of heavy rain which fell from 18h00 on the Saturday and only let up early the next morning. This caused:

  • teams slowing down and arriving wet and late into evening camp
  • cooking under awnings and in tents which led to four scouts being burnt and rushed off to hospital
  • all the night stunts being cancelled and done the next morning
  • the Sunday route up and into the kloof being swapped for a very much less impressive route over the nek back to Nuweberg.

I felt that it was vital to introduce a new generation of judges to the competition. Troop scouters were invited to be judges (always using two on a test so they didn't judge their own team) - and I selected them mainly from Troops who came in the first ten positions the previous year.

I believe the experiment worked well and I would recommend we expand and continue with it. Rayner judges must be young and very fit. With one or two exceptions I would recommend using the same judges next year.

All the results were tabulated manually this year as it was not convenient to use a computer. Radios were also unnecessary for getting the results in on time. The competition ended on time and no queries were received about the results, which were: -

Points out of 270

1st 2nd Kenridge 229
2nd 1st Durbanville A 225
3rd 2nd Somerset West A 215
4th 1st Pine lands A 197
5th 2nd Hout Bay 190
6th 1st Somerset West 183
7th 1st Claremont 173
8th 1st Monte Vista 172
9th 3rd Pine lands 171
10th tie 2nd Bergvliet 170
2nd Somerset West B 170

Other Aspects

  • As much as I hate having vehicles anywhere near a Rayner, Buzz and his Landrover were the saving grace for the burn victims.
  • The Nuweberg Forester was extremely helpful and willing to give access. There are magnificent areas in Nuweberg that Scouting has not yet discovered.
  • I used Colin Inglis as a photographer which proved useful.
  • The spirit of the judges and the teams was extremely high given the cold and wet conditions - I believe they all had a good competition given the "Plan B" and improvisation that had to come into play. What a pity it couldn't have happened as planned!

Chief Judge: Richard Goldschmidt