Rayner Trophy 1999 Report

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Winners - 1st Pinelands

Route: Karbonkelberg

The Rayner Trophy is the Western Cape's premier senior Scout competition. This year the route started at Hout Bay harbour, followed the coast to Duiker Island and then ascended Karbonkelberg to the overnight stop at the old 2nd World-War radar station. The next day we descended to Sandy Bay and Oudeschip.

The route was chosen for several reasons. The hike is reasonably strenuous, it is stunningly beautiful, yet relatively unknown. It also has numerous historical sites such as shipwrecks and the radar station. Some areas have unspoiled fynbos, whilst others have been overrun by aliens. All of this was included in the programme to make the competition interesting and educational. The boys had to complete 37 tests covering basic and advanced Scouting skills and there was strong emphasis on leadership and teamwork.

Planning the competition was a nightmare, because permission to camp at the radar station was granted thirty-six hours before. the start. Despite this, the competition went off well and the boys seemed to enjoy it.

1st Pinelands won for the fifth consecutive year. Seventeen teams participated and the results were:

  1. 1st Pine1ands 357
  2. 2nd Bergvliet A 320
  3. 1st Pinelands 310
  4. 3rd Pinelands 309
  5. 2nd Bergvliet B 276
  6. 1st Monte Vista 274
  7. 1st Wetton B 271
  8. 1st Rosebank 262
  9. 1st Somerset West 261
  10. 2nd Kenridge 259

Chief Judge: Charles Howell