Rayner Trophy 2001 Report

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Route: Table Mountain

Winners - 3rd Pinelands

When we say the Rayner Trophy is tough, we mean it, even for the Scouters who Judge on the competition! 23 teams and 18 judges found this out after completing the tough 25krn hike which took them from Rhodes Memorial via Appleton Scout campsite, for a few hours' sleep, and onward to Constantia Nek. On route the Scouts had to put up with a speed assent up Devils Peak, numerous bases that tested their Scouting skills and many spare time activities, which included a 400-word essay supporting or criticising the plight of the Table Mountain. To add to this, it must be noted that they were carrying packs weighing between 12 - 15 kg and it was 38 degrees that day!

Meanwhile the judges had to put up with dangerous snakes that accosted them, as well as a mugging which left the judge concerned minus a cell phone and booked off work for a few of days! However, that is what the Rayner Trophy is all about!

It was a historical Rayner Trophy; because apart from it being the first one of the new Millennium, it was the first time we have had a Girl Scout team taking part. The team concerned proved that the Rayner Trophy was not going to continue to be a male dominated event.

Well done to the Third Pinelands A team who won the competition! See you all back next year for another challenge.

Chief Judge: Anton de Roo