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A reflector oven also called a tin kitchen, is a shiny metal reflective container, traditionally made of metal but can be made of even just an old coffee can.

How to make a reflector oven

Follow these steps to create your very oven reflector oven. You will be working with potentially dangerous tools here so adult supervision is advised.

You Will Need:

Picture of Reflector oven made from an old coffee can being used to cook bread.
  • Big old coffee can
  • Wooden cut handle
  • Metal wire
  • Circular metal disc
  • Screws
  • Wire cutters
  • Screw driver


  1. Cut a sizeable rectangular hole in only one side of the coffee tin
  2. Attach your Disc to the open side of the can, it is suggested that you weld the disc on, you should get an adult to help you with this. but screws will work too.
  3. Screw on your wooden handle, test it to make sure that it wont come off while you are cooking your food.
  4. Make four evenly spaced holes along the two short sides of your can, more should be made if your can is exceptionally big.
  5. Thread the wire through the holes and secure them, this will be your tray so make sure the wires wont fall through when weight is applied

How It Works

It works by you placing some cookable food inside and facing the hole to the side of the fire. Doing that will cause it to bake/cook by capturing the reflected heat from your fire. The reflected heat will cook your food in your nice oven and because smoke is never coming into contact with your food you will avoid a that signature smokey taste you get from cooking on a normal fire, this can be ideal for certain meals such as dessert pies.

The finished bread next to the reflector oven used above, looks yum.

You can only make certain meals in a reflector box, here is a list:

  • Red Meat
  • Bread/ Pastries
  • Savoury Pies (no chicken)
  • Dessert Pies (such as berry)
  • Pizza
  • Cakes
  • Fish

Cooking in a Reflector oven can be alot of fun, just practice fire safety and do not touch the metal oven.