Road Safety yarn with happy and sad faces

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Road Safety Yarn

Give happy and sad face cards to the Cubs, and get them to hold up the happy face whenever someone in the story is showing good road safety, and the sad face whenever someone does something that is not good road safety.

One day, after breakfast, Susan said to Mark, "Let's go to the park and play with the Frisbee". Mark was excited, and quickly put on his shoes, but was in such a rush, he forgot to tie his shoe laces. As they were running out the door, Susan noticed Mark's laces were untied and stopped him to make sure they were tied before he left, because he could have tripped over them and had a terrible fall.

On the way to the park, they had to walk alongside a busy road. It was early in the morning, so there wasn't a lot of traffic on the road. Instead of walking on the pavement, Mark decided to walk next to the pavement on the road, so he could kick the water that was running in the gutter next to the road as that seemed like a lot of fun. Susan walked on the pavement, but she had ear phones in her ears and was listening to music and wasn't really paying attention to Mark.

When they were almost at the park, a car drove by and hooted at Mark because he was in the road, he quickly jumped out the road on to the pavement remembering that he shouldn't actually be doing that. Susan didn't hear the car hooting, because she had ear phones in. Mark tapped her on her shoulder, and told her that a car had hooted at him. Susan was concerned that she hadn't heard the hooter and decided to walk the rest of the way without her earphones in.

Once they arrived at the park, they needed to cross the busy road. Mark just wanted to run quickly across the road because he couldn't see any cars close by. Before he could, Susan grabbed his hand and walked down the road a bit further to a pedestrian crossing and said, "This is the correct place to cross, Mark, remember Mom showed us." They both looked left and right, and when it was safe to cross they made sure they walked quickly across the road and didn't run.

Once they were in the park, they made sure that they moved far away from the edge of the road, just in case the Frisbee flew in the street.

After they had been playing for a while, they noticed their Mom's car arrive at the parking lot of the park. Susan ran up to the car to greet her Mom. Her Mom told her that even though this was a parking lot, there were still cars driving around in it and she should treat like a normal street.

Their Mom had come to collect them because it looked like it was going to rain, and she didn't want them walking home in the rain. So they climbed into the car, Susan put her seat belt on but Mark didn't because he thought he didn't have to because it was such a short drive home. "You always need to put your seat belt on, Mark, no matter how short the drive," Mom said. He agreed.

When they were almost home, Mom's cell phone rang and she answered it. Mark and Susan both shouted at the same time, "MOM!!!" She put the phone down immediately, because she knew what she had done wrong. You must never talk on your phone while driving. They all laughed when they got out of the car at home, thinking that you are never too young or too old to be reminded about road safety. It's something we all need to remember all of the time.

They all enjoyed a snack and spent the rest of the day at home.