Roman Ballista

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In early designs the primary weakness was the shock imposed on the firing arm at the moment of impact. Our design spreads the shock over the whole length of the firing arm, so preventing the arm from breaking. The Mk IV Ballista has an added hinged throwing arm, which is jerked over by a line attached to a peg a split second before the arm hits the stop. To obtain the best trajectory the arm should be sloped at an angle between 45° and 60°. This project has lots of scope for experiment and research.

Roman Ballista.png


Quantity Resource
2 6m Poles
2 4m Poles
7 3m Poles
10 1m Poles
1 2m Staves
2 10m Ropes
13 6m Ropes
16 4m Ropes
1 Pickets
1 Block & Tackle
2 Water barrel