Saving Energy in the Home

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  • Did you know that just about everything you do uses energy, even if it doesn't seem like it?
  • Did you know that the energy that you use has to come from somewhere?
  • Did you know that energy costs money?
  • Did you know that most types of energy use cause pollution?

Saving energy means being SMART and EFFICIENT when you use energy, so that you use LESS.

In the grid below, colour the block RED if it is a WASTE of energy and GREEN if if is a way to SAVE energy.

A dripping hot water tap

Riding your bike instead of taking the car

A house with poor insulation

Leaving lights on in an empty room

Driving in rush-hour traffic

Growing your own vegetable garden

Using an electric blanket

Letting the fridge door stand open while you think about what to eat or drink

Turning the TV off when no one is watching

Having a lift club

Turning off appliances when on vacation

Running an air conditioner to keep the house cool

Wearing warm clothes inside in cold weather

Using a tumble drier on your clothes

Taking showers instead of baths

Using LED light bulbs

Leaving the computer on when no one is using it

Driving a car with no other passengers

Leaving outside lights on during the day

Driving an oversized car

Recycling cardboard and magazines

Boiling a big kettle of water when you make tea

Running full loads in the washing machine

Driving your car above the speed limit

Leaving the car running in the driveway while you go inside

Using solar heating for your hot water

Watching TV instead of playing outdoors

Using both sides of a piece of paper

Lights which turn off automatically if no-one is in the room

Closing windows and doors when the air conditioner or heat is on

Washing your clothes every time you use them

Eating fruit that was grown in another part of the world

Hanging clothes outside to dry

Keeping the same car for a long time

Walking to the shop instead of driving

Reading with a small bedside light on


Adapted from a worksheet from Hands-on Activity: Wasting Energy at Home by Teach Engineering STEM curriculum for k1-12