Scout Presentation of Advancement and Interest Badges

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These presentations are all made by the TS, although it is hoped that the SGL will be present on some occasions. It may also be possible to present badges at a parents’ evening. Although Scouts should rarely be kept waiting for the presentation for more than a week.

Presenting The Traveller and Discoverer Advancement Badges

  • The Troop is in horseshoe formation and the recipients are called up individually by the TS to receive their badges.
  • The Scout and TS salute each other.
    • The TS gives a brief explanation of the work that has been done for the badge to be awarded and adds a few words of congratulations and encouragement.
    • The TS pins the badge on the Scout’s uniform and shakes hands with the Scout congratulating them on their advancement.
    • The Scout is handed the badge certificate in their left hand.
  • The TS and the Scout again salute. The Scout then returns to their position in the Patrol.

The ceremony could end with the Troop yell or applause.

The First-Class Scout Badge and the Challenge Awards.

It is right that more attention should be paid to the presentation of these badges and awards. The actual presentation should follow closely the lines of the procedure described above, but the TS should place much more emphasis upon the Scout’s achievement. When being presented with their First-Class badge, the Scout should renew their Scout Promise, on the Troop Flag, before receiving the badge. This should encourage others to try and will certainly allow the Scout a moment of legitimate personal pride.

Presenting Scoutcraft and Interest Badges

The ceremony is the same as that for the Traveller and Discoverer badges.