Scout Presentation of the Springbok Scout Award Certificate

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The Springbok Scout Award Certificate is often awarded after the scout has received their Springbok badge.

Presenting the Springbok Scout Award Certificate

  • Wherever possible, the Springbok Scout Certificate is presented by the Chief Scout. Where necessary, the Chief Scout may appoint the Deputy Chief Scout, the Chief Commissioner, the Regional Commissioner or another suitable person to present the certificate on their behalf.
  • Whoever presents the certificate(s) should speak about the achievement this award represents and the effort put in Many Regions arrange a special ceremony to which parents and relatives are invited – this may take the form of a special function or can be done at the Regional Annual Review Meeting, with the parents and Troop present for the ceremony.
  • It is customary for the parents to join their Scout for the presentation, standing just behind the Scout.
  • When a Scout cannot attend the special ceremony to receive their certificate from the Chief Scout, their parents may be presented with it in their place.