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The normal order at the close of the Troop Meeting is:

The Troop forms up at the flagpole.

Notices are announcements.

Often this part of the evening is used to award badges and remind the troop of upcoming

Lowering of the flag.

The procedure to be followed for the Closing Flag Ceremony is the same as for the Opening Ceremony (Flag break) with the exception that there is no salute. The Troop stands at the "Alert" without saluting while the flag is lowered. After the flag has been lowered, the Scout simply makes two turns of the halyard around the cleat and tucks the flag between the flagpole and halyard, so it does not touch the floor.

The Scout then takes a step backwards, executes an "About turn" and will stand close to the TS. Do NOT remove the flag from the halyard. This is done after the ceremony.

Closing Prayers.

Closing prayer it varies a bit according to the customs of the troop.

Typically it runs as follows:

  • The Scouter calls the parade to stand at ease - “TROOP (pause), TROOP”, "STAND AT EASE".
  • The Scouter orders the troop to remove headgear - “TROOP (pause), TROOP”, "UNCOVER". It is up to the troop to uncover (headwear) depending on the cultural customs.
  • The scout doing the prayer will clearly and respectfully say a short prayer. - normally we give thanks for what have and for the safe return at the next meeting.
  • The Scouter orders the troop to replace headgear - “TROOP (pause), TROOP”, "COVER".

Troop Dismiss.

The following form of dismissal shall be adopted for use at the END of meetings and formal parades. It applies to whatever formation the Troop may be in at the time:

  • The Troop is ordered to the “Alert”.
  • The Scouter then orders: "TROOP (pause), TROOP DISMISS".
    • All Scouts execute a right-turn, salute, pause, and break away outwards.
  • The Scouters return the salute standing at the “Alert” until the Troop has broken away. They then do a right-turn and fall out.

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