Scout opening ceremony

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The normal order of the various items at the start of the Troop Meeting is:

Flag break

The procedure is simple and dignified.

  • The flag - already prepared for break - is at the top of the flagpole (or pulley attached to the ceiling). The loose ends of the halyard are wound around the cleat. The length to be pulled for breaking is slightly looser than the other.
  • The order is given "TROOP (pause), TROOP ALERT". Alternatively, a hand signal can be used.
  • On command from the Scouter: "DUTY PATROL" ( the PL or another Scout by name), the Scout concerned:
    • takes one step forward and smartly marches directly to the flagpole,
    • halts one pace from the flagpole at the "Alert",
    • places their hand on the looser part of the halyard, and tugs firmly to break the flag.
      • If the flag did not break, it is then “broken” and the surplus loose halyard wound around the cleat. This is done after the ceremony is over so the parade should not have to wait for this to be completed.
  • After the flag breaks the Scout takes a step back,
  • the order is given “TROOP (pause), TROOP SALUTE”.
  • Without further order, the Scout does an "About turn" and walks smartly back to their place.
  • The parade remains at the "Alert" until ordered to "STAND AT EASE".

Opening prayer

Opening prayer is an important part of the parade, and this varies a bit according to the customs of the troop.

Typically it runs as follows:

  • The Scouter calls the parade to stand at ease - “TROOP (pause), TROOP”, "STAND AT EASE".
  • The Scouter orders the troop to remove headgear - “TROOP (pause), TROOP”, "UNCOVER".
  • The scout doing the prayer will clearly and respectfully say a short opening prayer.
  • The Scouter orders the troop to replace headgear - “TROOP (pause), TROOP”, "COVER".

Matters arising

The Scouter/s will then address the parade regarding:

  • Neatness inspection and roll call
  • The programme for the day/evening/camp

Once this is complete the parade will break.


When the Troop is on parade they need to fall out to undertake an activity as individuals, the following procedure is as follows:

  • The Troop is ordered to the “Alert”. - "TROOP (pause), TROOP ALERT".
  • The Scouter then orders: "TROOP (pause), TROOP BREAK".
  • All the Scouts do a right-tum, pause, and break away with three steps.
  • The Scouters stand at “Alert” until the Troop has broken away, tum smartly to the right, and fall out.

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