Shear lashing

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Source: Animated Knots

The Shear Lashing (also spelled "Sheer Lashing") is used to lash the ends of two poles together. The other ends are separated to make a pair of Shear Legs. This Lashing is widely spelled both "Shear" and "Sheer", and is also called Shear Lashing Mk1, with Shear Lashing Mk2 referring to the Round lashing.


  1. The two poles are laid side-by-side and an initial Clove Hitch is tied round one pole.
  2. Wrap both poles with a simple round lashing.
  3. Wrap the lashing with a two or three tight frapping turns. It is sometimes necessary to spread the legs apart to open up the poles to make it easier.
  4. Tie off the end with a clove hitch.
  5. The other ends of the poles are then separated to make a pair of Shear Legs.



Shear legs support weight. A single pair can be controlled with a rope as they lean over a stream to lift a bucket. A series of them can support an aerial walkway.

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