Ship Quartermaster Scout Interest Badge

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Badge requirements

Ship Quartermaster
Ship Quartermaster
  1. Rope:
    1. Demonstrate the correct method of taking rope off a new coil.
    2. Demonstrate the method of taking down rope for running out.
  2. Describe the principal parts of a block.
  3. Identify the following types of blocks and demonstrate them in use:
    1. Single block.
    2. Single block with fast eye and swivel eye.
    3. Single block with becket and hook.
    4. Scratch or check block.
    5. Self-locking block with snap shackle.
    6. Fiddle block with shackle.
    7. Double block with swivel eye.
    8. Double block with shackle.
  4. Demonstrate the method of belaying.
  5. Describe the principal parts of an anchor.
    1. Identify three types of anchors and differentiate between their uses.
    2. Describe and execute the safest method of anchoring to suit the conditions.
    3. Demonstrate the use of a trip line and pick-up buoys.
    4. Demonstrate the correct method of mooring a boat to a dock or jetty.
  6. Demonstrate how to store and take care of sails, sheets, and standing rigging.
  7. Demonstrate how to leave a pulling boat or sailing dinghy:
    1. After a day's activity.
    2. For a short spell, e.g. lunch break, or when called for instruction.
  8. Demonstrate how to load a boat with stores and personnel and show how to trim the boat correctly.
  9. Explain how to safely store and handle flammable liquids and gasses.

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