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By meeting regularly with the Pack Scouter as part of his or her leadership team, the Sixers Council recognises the Sixers for the important position they hold as leaders within the Pack, giving prestige to the role of the Sixer among the Cubs. The Sixers Council is the time to discuss the duties of the Sixers and Seconds so that they understand what is required from them by the Pack Scouter. The Pack Scouter can also use the Sixers Council to develop the leadership skills of the Cubs.

Sixers Council meetings

The Sixers Council should meet at least once a quarter. The meetings are informal and may also include the Seconds from each Six and the Assistant Pack Scouters. When a Cub assumes the role of Sixer, they should be welcomed officially at the next meeting of the Sixers Council, and the role of the Council should be explained to them. The Pack Scouter should appeal to the Cubs' sense of mystery and prestige by encouraging them to keep the proceedings of the Council secret.

Some items that could be included in the Sixers Council meeting:

  • Ask the Cubs to suggest programme ideas, games, outings or activities.
  • Get feedback from the Cubs on what they enjoyed.
  • Discuss how the Cubs should act as leaders in the Pack:
    • by setting a good example, attending regularly, being kind, and encouraging and helping the Cubs in their Six.
    • by being helpful to the Pack Scouters to make sure the meetings run smoothly.
    • by taking their own Advancement seriously.

The Sixers Council can meet during a weekly Pack meeting or outing such as a hike, but it is often preferable to meet on a separate occasion, when time is less limited and when the rest of the Pack will not be disrupted by taking the Sixers and Pack Scouter away from the meeting. The meeting could take place at the regular meeting place or at the Pack Scouter's home, an outdoor venue, or a restaurant. Half an hour to an hour should be enough for the meeting, keeping in mind the attention span of the Sixers and making sure that the meeting remains interesting for the participants. A longer meeting could include short activities or games to add variety.

The role of the Sixers Council

The Sixers Council is advisory and plays a symbolic and training role - it does not take decisions about how to run the Pack. A good Pack Scouter will listen sincerely to the Sixers and will often find their input useful, but will make their own decisions as an adult leader. This differs from the Scout Troop, where the Court of Honour plays the central role in running the Troop, but Cubs being much younger have not yet developed the leadership skills to take that level of responsibility.