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(Previously Philatelist Interest Badge)

Badge requirements

Stamp Collector
Stamp Collector

Note: The collection should be made over a period of at least one year and should reflect in its quality the time spent on it.

  1. Make a neatly mounted collection of stamps and/or related postal material of either a country, or a related group of countries (e.g. Commonwealth, French colonies, southern Africa), or a subject or theme (e.g. jamborees, fauna and flora, railway post).
  2. Demonstrate the use of a catalogue relevant to the collection and make an index of the collection.
  3. Show a good knowledge of 10-12 items from the collection selected at random by the examiner.
  4. Explain what is meant by five out of eight common terms relevant to the collection, chosen by the examiner.
  5. Demonstrate how to remove used stamps from paper and how to prepare the stamps for a collection and know the precautions to be taken.
  6. Know something about the origins of postage stamps and how stamps are used to convey post around the world.

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