Stilt tower

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Stilt tower.png

This is a Simple tower to build having only a few lashings. This tower is assembled completely on the ground and is then hoisted into place with the guy ropes.


Quantity Resource
2 6m Poles
2 4m Poles
8 3m Poles
8 2m Pole
4 10m Ropes
19 6m Ropes
12 4m Ropes
4 Pickets
1 Rope ladder
1 Table top
2 Tent pegs


  1. Dig two holes dug for the feet of the tower for stability. Measure their distance carefully.
  2. Lay the legs parallel and at the correct distance apart. They should be positioned next to the holes so upon lifting, they drop into place in the holes.
  3. Square lash the braces (4m) to the legs (6m, stilts), with a diagonal lashing in the centre where the braces forms an "X".
  4. The structure for the platform is square-lashed together, and then square-lashed onto the legs (stilts) of the tower.
  5. Attach the 4 guy ropes to the top of the legs. You could use single pickets for the guy ropes, or 3-2-1 anchorage for the guy ropes if your project is larger.
  6. Attach the rope ladder.
  7. Lift the stilt tower. Guide the legs into the holes, and lift from the one side while a strong team pulls the tower up with the guy ropes. You will need people holding the other guy ropes to prevent the tower tilting over once lifted. Securing the guy ropes to the pickets must not be done by any of the four Scouts who are holding the ends of the guy ropes. These guy ropes must be firmly held until they can be tied off onto their pickets, otherwise your tower will be damaged in its resultant descent to the ground.
  8. Secure and tighten all guy ropes, and fill the holes with sand.

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