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Returns a Scout Interest Badge page with:

  • Badge image if it follows the naming convention: "Scout-interest-badge-BadgeName.jpg"
  • Badge pdf if it follows the naming convention: "Badge Name Scout Interest Badge.pdf"
  • Badge requirements
  • See also
  • Scout Interest Badge category


{{Scout Interest Badge|badge|seealso|requirements|pdf}}

{{Scout Interest Badge
| badge = Name of Badge (for image)
| seealso = List of 'See also' items
| requirements = Ordered list of badge requirements
| pdf = Optional name of PDF file, in case name is different to 'badge'


{{Scout Interest Badge
| badge = Electrician
| pdf = Electrician
| seealso = 
*[[Electronic Engineer Scout Interest Badge|Electronic Engineer Interest Badge]]
*[[Home Maintenance Scout Interest Badge|Home Maintenance Interest Badge]]
| requirements = 
	<li>Lists the common causes of electrical accidents.</li>
	<li>Demonstrate that you know the international colour code for three-core flex.</li>
	<li>Correctly join and tape two pieces of insulated wire.</li>
	<li>Do the following sub items:
		<ol type="a">
			<li>Item 1</li>
			<li>Item 2</li>
			<li>Item 3</li>


  • The [[Category:Scout Interest Badges]] is included automatically
  • The 'See also' is included automatically:
==See also==
* [[Scout Interest Badges]]
  • If you want to add additional See Also items to the list, add them to the 'seealso' parameter in list format, e.g.
| seealso = 
  • The badge image is automatically included if the 'badge' parameter name matches the name of the existing image.
    • Capital letters must match exactly. First Aid ≠ First aid
    • Some badges have different names, e.g. Disaster Risk Management badge is named Civil Defence.
  • The PDF file is included automatically. You need only include 'pdf' parameter if the name differs from the badge image.
  • Any notes to the badge, or additional quotes can be added before the template starts. I.e. before the {{Scout Interest Badge section.
  • See w3schools - Lists for help on creating nested lists which is often needed for badge requirements. Please remember to close off the <li> and <ol> tags with </li> and </ol>.