The Compass Wedding

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Each Cub brings a chair into the circle. Divide the circle into the 8 points of the compass. Leave a clearly defined space between each point. When each section is called, for instance, NORTH, the Cubs in that section stand up, turn around and then sit down. Each section does the same thing when their compass point is mentioned. When the story teller says WORLD, each player moves one chair to their left (clockwise). Each player should note which section they are now occupying. (You can use more than one circle depending on the number of Cubs in your pack.)

The Compass Wedding

A big important wedding is being held this year. The daughter of King NORTH is being married to the son of King SOUTH. It is going to be a very grand affair with guests from all parts of the WORLD: from the land of the rising sun, the Emperor of the EAST and his wife, the Empress, and from the other side of the WORLD, King and Queen WEST with the little Prince NORTHEAST and the Princess SOUTHWEST.

The bridegroom, son of King SOUTH, has invited his cousin SOUTHEAST to be the best man. The bride, daughter of King NORTH, has asked her best friend, NORTHEAST, who is also a cousin of SOUTHEAST, to be Maid of Honor. The Queen of the NORTH was very busy trying to find places for the visitors from all over the WORLD to stay.

The Emperor EAST and his wife the Empress EAST had brought so many servants to wait on them, that the little town was beginning to be very overcrowded. To add to the confusion, King and Queen WEST had brought so much luggage that it took 3 wagons to haul it to the NORTH palace. Queen NORTH looked quite worried; where in the WORLD was she to put it all? In the last wagon, Prince NORTHWEST and Princess SOUTHWEST had put all their pets which they couldn't bear to leave behind. Four SOUTHWEST cats, four big dogs (which came from the 3 other side of the WORLD), and a cow and a goat from the EAST. The cousins SOUTHEAST and NORTHEAST thought they were very odd things to bring halfway across the WORLD to a wedding.

At last the great day dawned, beautiful and sunny. The procession started to go to the NORTH Cathedral from NORTH Palace, and people from all over the WORLD cheered. After the ceremony in NORTH Cathedral, the procession returned to the NORTH Palace for the wedding breakfast. First came King NORTH, with Queen SOUTH on his arm. Next came King SOUTH with Queen NORTH. Following then came King and Queen WEST, with Prince NORTHWEST and Princess SOUTHWEST.

Looking very grand in their silk robes were the Emperor of the EAST and the Empress of the EAST. The guests from this part of the WORLD came next. Cousins SOUTHEAST and NORTHEAST then appeared. Then came the moment the whole WORLD had been waiting for. The beautiful bride, daughter of king NORTH, and the handsome bridegroom, son of King SOUTH, were standing in the doorway. Guests from all over the WORLD threw confetti and rice as they ran down the steps to the famous NORTH glass coach.

After the wedding breakfast at NORTH Palace, the bride and groom left on their honeymoon around the WORLD. Prince NORTHWEST had tied and old boot on the back of the car, and Princess SOUTHWEST had printed "Just Married" on the front. The whole WORLD laughed and cheered and waved good-bye and good luck, along with Prince NORTHWEST, Princess SOUTHWEST, Cousins NORTHEAST and SOUTHEAST, Emperor and Empress EAST, King and Queen SOUTH, and finally King and Queen NORTH.

So ends a happy and exhausting day!