Ubuntu Challenge 2021

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The Ubuntu Challenge 2021 was an event /challenge run from Monday 8th February 2021 – Monday 22nd March 2021. Each scout of a Patrol that completed the challenge could apply to receive the Ubuntu Challenge 2021 badge.

1. Download the 2021 Star Patrol evaluation form and plan your scouting year with your patrol, submit your plan to your Troop Scouter.
2. Complete three of the five Patrol Challenges. All tasks must be documented in your Patrol Log Book.

  1. Complete a one-day Patrol activity that involves outdoor exercise (hiking, running, cycling, orienteering, geocaching)
  2. Every member of your Patrol must spend at least one night outdoors in a shelter or tent
  3. Complete a one-day service project at one of the Regional campsites or a Scout hall
  4. Hold a virtual meeting with Scouts from a different community in Gauteng
  5. All Patrol members complete the Better World for BP Challenge during February.

3. Each patrol member must complete two of the four Individual challenges.

  1. Build a pioneering or campsite model
  2. Lead a discussion in your patrol on Abuse and bullying at school or on social media/the internet, including how to protect younger scouts or friends from abuse.
  3. Light a fire without matches or lighter and cook a simple meal from raw ingredients for yourself.
  4. Identify three venomous snakes that can be found in your area, what first aid would you give to a venomous snake bite victim? And which hospital would you take the person too for treatment.