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SCOUTS South Africa has a special Water Champ Challenge badge which was developed to help focus energies around avoiding water outages and focus on water saving around the country. The Water Champ Challenge is open to both Scouting and non-Scouting members.

Badge requirements

A. Raising Awareness:

  1. Find out the effects of a water crisis on a community and share this knowledge with others or give a short talk in your family, your Patrol or Scout Troop on this topic.

B. Making Sure Every Drop Counts:

  1. Do a project at home or at your Scout hall to save at least 5 litres of water a day more than you are saving now.
  2. Wash using only a small bucket 3 times a week.

C. Taking Personal Action:

  1. Agree a plan of action for you and your patrol to assist other scout members and their families or neighbourhood Homes for Care of young children or the Aged if their taps run dry.
  2. Personally save an additional 10 litres of water a week.

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