Weathercaster Scout Interest Badge

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(Previously Weatherman Scout Interest Badge)

Badge requirements

  1. Keep from your own observation a daily record of the weather for one month, using Beaufort letters and symbols, and including the following:
    1. Wind force and direction.
    2. Cloud-types and conditions.
    3. Temperatures.
    4. Barometer readings.
    5. Rainfall.
  2. Construct a simple rain gauge and a wind vane and use these instruments to record the wind direction and rainfall for (1).
  3. Explain the formation of rain, thunderstorms, snow, sleet, hail, fog, and rime.
  4. Recognise and name six different cloud formations and explain their significance.
  5. Explain the purposes and principles of
    1. Simple thermometer.
    2. Wet and dry thermometer.
    3. Barometer.
    4. Anemometer.
  6. Understand the following:
    1. Relative humidity.
    2. Dewpoint.
    3. Pressure.
    4. Isobar.
    5. Isotherm.
    6. Buys-Ballot's Law.
    7. cold front and warm front.
  7. Explain how weather forecasts are compiled and how this information is disseminated to the public. Have a knowledge of synoptic weather maps and be able to read one. Explain how radar, satellites and electronics are used in weather forecasting. Illustrate any explanation with a diagram.
  8. Discuss with the examiner at least two natural signs foretelling fine weather and two foretelling bad weather as applicable to your own area.

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