Western Cape Non-Scouting Awards

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Recipients of Military Medals

Name Group Military Medals
Abbott Wilfred Christopher 5th Observatory Queens Medal South African War
General Service Medal WW1
Allan Cedric Edwin 1st Monte Vista Pro Patria Medal
Barkway Harold Alfred 1st Mowbray Africa Service Medal* Defence Medal
1939-1945 War Medal* Italy Star*Africa Star
General Service Medal
Bergman Andrew Michael 9th Cape Town Pro Patria Medal
Bezuidenhout Pedder 4th Claremont Africa Service Medal* 1939-1945 War Medal
Bowyer Raymond John 1st Robben Island SA Service Medal
Brickhill Cadle Rory 1st Sanddrift John Chard Decoration
Collins Raymond Vincent Felix 2nd Simonstown Distinguished Service Medal ( SA Police )
Cooke Norman Arthur 3rd Observatory Good Conduct Medal* RNVR Long Service Medal
1939-1945 Star* British Defence Medal
Union Defence Medal*Atlantic Star
Copeland Jean Elizabeth 1st Pinelands African Service Medal* 1939-1945 War Medal
Cranko Petrie Herbert 1st Claremont General Service Medal* Italy Star
De Vries Oscar Frederick 4th Observatory Africa Service Medal*1939-1945 War Medal
1939-1945 Star* Africa Star
Police Long Service Medal
Dickson Henry Prior 20th Cape Town 1939-1945 War Medal* Africa Star* Italy Star
Africa Service Medal*1939-1945 Star
Defence Medal
Dockrall Henry Thomas 1st Strand 1939-1945 Star
Dodgson Frank Kenneth 2nd Simonstown Korean Medal
Foot Andre Franz 2nd Bellville Pro Patria Medal
Fraser Norman Vivian 1st Bergvliet 1939-1945 Star* Africa Star* 1939-1945 War Medal
Africa Service Medal* S A War Service Medal
Gooch Alan Bert 2nd Claremont 1939-1945 War Medal* Italy Star
Africa Service Medal
Greeff Noel John 3rd Claremont John Chard Decoration
Hall Joshua Herbert 1st Paarl 1939-1945 Star* Africa Star* Italy Star
1939-1945 War Medal* Union Service Medal
Hampshire Patrick George 2nd Fish Hoek Rhodesian General Service
Hodgkiss Henry J 1st Claremont 1939-1945 Star* 1939-1945 War Medal* Africa Star
Africa Service Medal
Howard John Elliot 1st Mowbray Africa Star
Howell George Percival 1st Goodwood & Vasco Africa Service Medal
Hutchings William John 1st Epping Gardens 1939-1945 Star*Atlantic Star*Pacific Star*Burma Star
British War Medal*Defence Medal
Long Service Medal
Inglis Colin James RSA General Service Medal
Ingoldby James Arthur Rev 2nd Simonstown 1939-1945 Star*Italy Star* Defence Medal
General Service Medal
Kedian Sean 1st Rosebank Pro Patria Medal
Kiley Roderick H 1st Ceres John Chard Medal
Klein Frederick William 2nd Plumstead General Service Medal 1914-1918
Knights Charles James 2nd Brooklyn 1939-1945 Star* Atlantic Star* Burma Star
1939-1945 War Medal
Koning Benjamin George 1st Bellville Africa Service Medal* British Empire Medal
Kraft Leonard Frederick William 1st Wittebome Africa Star* General Service Medal
Lane William Hugh Mac Donald 3rd Claremont Military Cross WW 2
Low Keith Harding 1st Fish Hoek Pro Patria Medal
Lusty Eric John 2nd Pinelands 1939-1945 Star* Africa Service Medal
Mabin Andrew G 1st Wynberg Pro Patria medal
Magennis Donovan I 1st Paarl Mentioned in Despatches
Mc Ewan John Austin 12th Green & Sea Point 1939-1945 Star* Atlantic Star* Burma Star
General Service Medal
Mc Lellan Ian Ranken 1st Pinelands Africa Star* Victory Medal
Mc Owen Horace James 4th Maitland Africa Star* Italy Star* 1939-1945 Star
General Service Medal
Mc Williams John Africa Star* General Service Medal
Moore-Anderson Arthur P 5th Woodstock Mentioned in Despatches
Morris Max 10th Green & Sea Point 1939-1945 War Medal* Italy Star (6th Armoured Div)
Africa Service Medal
Nocton-Smith Christian George 1st Alexandra Africa Service Medal
Nuns Robert George 1st Bergvliet General Service Medal* Africa Star
Osborne Leslie Charles 2nd Fish Hoek 1939-1945 Star* Pacific Star with Burma Clasp
Defence Medal
Peart Michael 2nd Bergvliet Africa Star with 8th Army Clasp
General Service Medal
Penberthy Vernon Clyde 1st Malmesbury S A Service Medal
Peterson Leslie Joe Basil 1st Hermanus British Defence Medal* Italy Star* 1939-1945 Star
South African Medal
Pranklin Charles 1st Simonstown 1914-1918 War Medal* 1939-1945 War Medal
Pulker Dorothy May Mrs 1st Pinelands 1939-1945 War Medal
Queen's Red Cross Medal (15 yrs)
Sales Stanley Owen 1st Wynberg Burma Star* Africa Star* 1939-1945 War Medal
Victory Medal
Schwartz John Brian 1st Wilderness Pro Patria Medal with Cunene Clasp
Sitama William Z 1st New Crossroads Africa Service Medal
Sleigh Patrick William Wallace 1st Somerset West John Chard Decoration
Snelling Doreen Mary 1st Durbanville 1939-1945 Star
Speres Niel 1st Durbanville 1939-1945 Star
Spoor Hessel 5th Green & Sea Point Dutch Army Service Medals
Stones Spencer Vagg 1st Claremont Pacific Star* Burma Star* Africa Star*Atlantic Star
Victory Medal
Struthers Walter Archibald 1st Observatory Africa Service Medal
Tate Patrick Alan Captain 1st Muizenberg John Chard Decoration
Taylor George William 1st Green & Sea Point Defence Medal* Africa Star* 1939-1945 Star
Taylor Walter 6th Rondebosch Africa Service Medal
Taylor Wifried 1st Thorton Burma Star
Versveld Henry Cyril 2nd Plumstead SA General Service* Africa Star
Home Defence Medal
British General Service
Ward - Cox Frederick Ernest 1st Camps Bay British Defence Medal* Africa Star* 1939-1945 Star
General Service Medal
Wilson George F 1st Kommetjie Pro Meritor Medal* Good Service Medal
Winpenny Alan Rev CW 9 Constantiaberg Defence Medal* Victory Medal* 1939-1945 Star
Zazeraj Leonidai 1st Southfield Polish Air force Medal + 2 BARs
Croix Des Combatants Voluntaries
Defence Medal (British) *War Medal 1939-1945

Scout Wings, Scout War Badge, Gold Badge Mountain Club, Duke of Edinburgh / Presidents Award

Name Group Year Award
Hodgson Geoffrey 1st Durbanville Scout Wings
Inglis Colin [1] Chief Scout 1967 Gold Badge Mountain Club of SA
Peake George Moir 2nd Claremont 1915-1916 Scout War Badge
Symmons John 1st Wynberg Duke of Edinburgh
  1. For "distinguished services to the cause of mountaineering in South Africa, his fine record of climbing in Africa and overseas, and his outstanding achievements as the Editor of the Mountain Club Journal".