What to do when you are alone at home

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Silver Wolf - Personal Safety: Know what to do when you are alone at home.

There will sometimes be times when you will be on your own at home. These are some of the things that you should remember so that if something goes wrong you will know how to handle it.

  • Do not tell anyone that you are by yourself at home.
  • Do not let anyone into your house that you do not know. You do not even have to answer the door if you do not want to.
  • Have a list of emergency telephone numbers – Police, Fire, Doctor, Mother at work, Father at work, a neighbour. Try to learn these so that you can phone quickly should you need to.
  • Never try to do anything that you know you are not allowed to do or would not do when your parents are at home. For your family to leave you at home on your own means that they really trust you.

Is it a danger?

Let the Cubs tell you which of these is "NO DANGER", "POSSIBLE DANGER" or "REAL DANGER".

You are in the house and you smell smoke. You see the stove is on fire. You are alone. A neighbourhood man calls and asks you over you ice cream. You are home alone.
A light bulb pops when you turn the lamp on. You smell smoke. You are alone. You get a big out on your knee and it will not stop bleeding. You are alone.
You forgot to lock the door when you went into the house after school. You are alone. You are home alone and you start thinking about ghosts.
A stranger calls on the phone and asks if you are alone. You hear funny noises in the house and you have no idea where they are coming from You are alone.
Someone calls on the phone while your mom is at work wanting to talk to her. Someone comes to the door while you are home alone.
You always walk home with other children from school each day. You are playing a game and you hear an announcement of flooding in the area. You are alone.
You are alone and lost outside in the woods. The phone rings, a caller asks for your name, address and age.
A thunderstorm comes quickly while you are home alone - lots of rain and lightning. You are alone and you see a mouse on the floor in the kitchen.
You see a spider on the wall beside the desk where you are working. You are alone. Someone text messages you and wants you to meet them to get to know you better. You do not know this person. You only know their name is JW.
The front door is open and the table is knocked over in the front entrance of your home when you come home from school. Someone calls on the phone while you are home alone and asks when your parents will be home.